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Jio has revolutionized the way Indians use the Internet, through their 4G VoLTE data service on smartphones, i.e., Jio 4G or their wifi service, JioFi. JioNet or JioPrivateNet are free Wi-Fi networks and are also called Jio Hotspots. They can be found at public places like college campuses, malls, etc. They are used as for following benefits:

  • They deliver true 4G network with download speed up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps upload speed.
  • You can use its network for using 4G Data, and HD Voice/Video call on any 2G or 3G smartphone.

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Accessing JioNet or JioPrivateNet is quite easy. All you need is JioNet mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. JioNet is an open wifi network, and anyone can join it, while for JioPrivateNet you might need a username and password. For all the problems with using these two Jio Hotspots, follow this article carefully. This summarizes solutions for some of the very common problems.

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What is Auto-Connect option on JioNet?

Auto-connect option lets a user to automatically connect to JioNet wi-fi network, whenever an access oint is within range. This enables internet access on a Wi-Fi powered device without the user’s intervention (the condition being that, you are not connected to any other Wi-Fi network at that moment).

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You can enable it through JIONET application. If this feature has been disabled, the user will request prompts for confirmation, each time the user’s smartphone comes in JioNet wifi range and wants to get connected to enable internet access through JioNet Wi-Fi network.

How to use JioNet?

On your device (smartphone or PC) switch to Wi-Fi mode and select JioNet. You will be redirected to a webpage requesting you for your name and mobile number. It will then offer you two login options.

  1. Using Mobile Number – If you use this option, you will receive an OTP on your number. Once received, Enter this OTP on my jio web login page.

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  1. Using Jio ID – Enter your Jio ID and then password.

Now, you can start using the JioNet.

What to do if I am getting a weak signal on JioNet?

 Whenever you experience a weak signal from a JioNet access point or Wi-Fi router, it can be mostly treated by moving to a particular location which is nearer your access point. It is also important to keep into considerations that there aren’t obstructions like walls or other obstacles. This, in turn, helps in providing a better Wi-Fi speed and signal. There are various reasons which may result in you experiencing poor signals.

This problem can be due to following possible reasons:

  • If the distance from the Wi-Fi router or the Access point is significantly large.
  • The direction of your wireless antenna also plays a significant role in deciding whether the signal strength would be weak or strong.
  • The construction and the architecture of your building and where you are using the JioNet plays another significant role as a lot of times the walls and ceilings act as an obstruction for the signal source directed towards the device
  • You also need to check on how many other active devices are connected to the same hotspot
  • If you are sitting in a room which has a gap of 4 to 5 walls in between before the JioNet Wi-Fi router or the Access Point, then the signal strength would go down considerably. It is essential to lessen the number of walls as obstructions.

How to share hotspot details through JioNet?

  If a user needs to share the hotspot details through the JioNet with someone, then it simply refers to the sharing of the location of the hotspot with some of their friends, relatives or a colleague. That person can then access the Location through Google map app on both Android and iOS powered devices to navigate to the particular hotspot whenever they require.

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It is essential yet a convenient procedure to choose your desired hotspot location that you would want to be the location for anyone to see from their map view or their list view. You can then click on the option to share your hotspot details. These details can be shared as a link through all the most popular social media platforms and messaging applications running on both Android and iOS, namely being WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail, etc.

How can one stop accessing Wi-Fi through JioPrivateNet?

If you ever feel like that you want to discontinue using the JioPrivateNet Wi-Fi network,  then it is important to follow all the following procedural steps:

  • Firstly, you need to go to your Wi-Fi option and then switch it towards the ON button
  • Then you need to search and click on the JioPrivateNet SSID name
  • Go to the bottom right and then click on the “forget” option on the screen

These steps will disconnect your mobile phone from the JioPrivateNet.

How can I configure/use JioPrivateNet using EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA?

The configuration of the JioPrivateNet is very simple and a one-time configuration process. You may not need to repeat this configuration process for every JioNet Hotspot but will require to change it once you change your handset.

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  1. Initially, Make sure that the jio SIM is activated and has been placed inside your 4G phone.
  2. Go to your setting, then clock on Wi-Fi and then switch it ON
  3. Now your smartphone will give a list of available Wi-Fi networks. You will also see one as “JoPrivateNet.”
  4. Click on that option.
  5. Now the settings menu will get opened on your device
  6. Select the AKA option in the PEAP/EAP drop-down menu

NOTE: if you can’t see the AKA displayed on the settings menu then your phone may not support the services.

  1. Then connect it by choosing the “CONNECT” option

Now your phone will connect to the “JioPrivateNet” automatically, and you don’t need to do anything else to connect at any JioNet Hotspots. Whenever you are at a JioNet Hotspot then, in that case, you need to toggle your Wi-Fi button towards ON, and your phone will get connected.

What to do, if you are unable to connect to JioPrivateNet on your smartphone?

If you are having any trouble regarding connecting to a JioPrivateNet network on your smartphone, then firstly ensure the following points in your phone:

  • You are present at one of the JioNet Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Another important point is to switch ON the Wi-Fi of your mobile
  • Make sure that your Jio SIM is already inserted in the 4G phone through which you were trying to access the Wi-Fi options.
  • When the one-time handset configuration is completed then refer to the “how to configure” section.

The above discussed steps and procedures are enough, but even if the trouble persists and you are unable to find a solution after the following steps then, in that case, you should call the JioCare at 199 from the Jio SIM that you are using, or you can also from either your Jio SIM or any other number which you may want. If you find it easier then, you can even contact on the email which provided for help in any issues.

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