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Reliance has officially launched the Jio GigaFiber fibre-to-the-home broadband service. It is better known as Jio Fiber. The basic motive of the new development of such technology is to move ahead and reach homes, small factories, and enterprises and roll out till the largest ones and provide the fastest speed internet.

Jiofiber is said to be the most advanced fiber-based broadband connection which has been seen for data transfer providing an edge of speed over all the other forms of connection.

JioGigaFiber is one of the most recent developments in the world of Jio network. Reliance has yet again come up with something which has put all the companies into a big question mark to what to bring out to beat it. This latest update which is called as JioGigaFiber under Jio Fiber will offer the users with a high-end internet experience with providing ease and swift experience in your gaming, working and surfing experience.

As we all know that Fiber is the technology which is less used and the best data transferring medium, so Jio has just played the cards on the same.

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We often tend to see a high tech and high-speed internet provision in large companies or places with huge data transferring requirements, but now you can access the high-speed internet at your home itself with the download and upload speed so fast that in a blink of your eye you may get your work done.

What JioFiber has done better is that they have made sure that the wire is stretched till the end part and is not merely connected till some building with the last meters connected to some other cable causing the ultimate speed to eventually fall. Now that unlike other fiber cable users JioFiber makes sure the prolonged and efficient use of fiber cable and hence they hold an edge over all the traditional cable users.

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There are various advantages of Fiber optic over some other traditional cables which are used daily, and some of them are as follows:

  • It is a faster means of data movement.
  • Fiber networks are never required to be changed after it has been installed once, as the company’s focus is on changing the technology of creating electronic light rather than replacing the wires.
  • Fiber cable also allows a user to access the feature which requires high data rate like enabling UHD, able to access video conferencing and other video and camera features that too with ease

There is a Jio Fiber preview offer which is open right now. This preview offers you with a mouth dropping high-speed data of 100MBPS for 90 days with a limit of 100 GB. This offer is an attraction point for everyone. In case, the entire data is consumed, and you are still left with some days to go then you can easily top up your data with an additional 40GB data via the MyJio app.

You won’t have to pay for the services as this is a preview offer and comes naturally complimentary. There is somehow a need to deposit of Rs. 4,500 taken for the ONT device as the security deposit which is refundable for everyone’s relief.

This deposit of Rs. 4,500 will be refunded to you in any course of time where you choose to discontinue the plan, the condition is fair and square the devices should be in a fine working manner. The JioFiber is currently prepaid and is all planned to become post-paid with the course of time

If that is something less to excite you, then it is worth noting that the Reliance Jio has also announced Giga Tv set top box which will come accompanied with the Jio fiber broadband services. The Giga tv is a media streaming set-top box and has voice commands in most Indian languages.

The biggest question now in everyone’s mind would be off when the online booking or registration for the Jiofiber is going to begin. Well, you may not need to wait for more as the bookings will begin on our Independence Day, i.e., the 15th of August. The various announcements have made clear of the rate lists for different plans for the Jiofiber.

The prices still can’t be made sure of, and everyone would be waiting for the 15th to make sure of the rates and to book your personal Jiofiber as quick as possible. The online bookings can be made via MyJio or on The company will then start disposing of the sets by the popularity and demand in each state.

Features of Reliance JioFiber

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Like ever Reliance Jio is out, and it is only a failed assumption if you feel that they won’t bring something which will change the dimensions of the way internet works today. Jio fiber has done the same for us. There have been a lot of outlining features which can be noted for the Jiofiber and they are as follows:

  • The internet will be very cheap, anything that is this cheap is presumably more interesting
  • The net speed is not only astonishing but mouth dropping
  • The launch is set to be a large widespread as it is going to cover around 100 cities in India
  • The services are targeting to reach every home across all the cities
  • The maximum speed recorded is 743.28 Mbps which are not found anywhere else apart from the large companies for the data backup process

The developments are possible due to the push in the creative and technical notches happening at every stratum. These new powerful engines are a clear combination of digital connectivity, data transfer rates, computing power and software advancement.

Here data is the raw material, and the material which gets transferred and Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in this entire development of the internet rates today. The growth may not be termed as exponential, but it can be clearly stated that the linearity has been broken and Jio has now suddenly emerged to make such a mark in the internet services that now it is harder for the companies to compete now.

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The healthy completion will certainly benefit the users as they are the ones constantly being provided with the gifts which were earlier considered all a fantasy. Nowadays the biggest problem for all of us is not getting food in our plates, but that our internet is working slow and in that respect, we are going to be pretty happy for next some time.

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