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Reliance Jio has launched Jio sim with providing free 4G data. Now, in addition, it has announced the new festive offer for the 4G volte support wifi dongle called JioFi. Under this, the device will be available just for Rs. 999 which minimizes the amount Rs. 1999. Jio Fi is powered by own 2300mAh battery which will last up to 6 hours, is the wireless 4G volte portable hotspot which connects up to 10 devices at the same time across India.

Jio Fi, apart from 4G internet connectivity, this device also offers free voice calls on user smartphones with the help of Jio 4G voice app available for free in the play store. in addition, it also gives the data transfer feature with having micro SD card slot.


If the user wants to change the default password of Jio Dongle device, here are given some steps to do the process at ease.

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Steps to change the Password of Your Jio Dongle

It can be done with the help of using Http Jiodongle.Local.Html

  1. firstly, turn on the Jio Dongle device
  2. wait till the device is ready to use
  3. Connect one device to Jio dongle. then the user will find the name of the network and password of Jio dongle
  4. On any one device connected to Jio dongle, launch any web browser like Google Chrome, etc.
  5. in search box enter http jiodongle.local.html then click enter
  6. the user will be directed to another page
  7. there, the user needs to give Jio login id on the respective option given in webpage
  8. enter user ID and password
  9. enter as Admin in both fields
  10. click login and will be navigated to another page
  11. find a network in the left side and under this field, find wifi settings and click on it
  12. in security mode, the user will see default password
  13. the user can remove it and can enter their preferred password
  14. once given, click on the apply button
  15. the user will be notified as password changed successfully
  16. restart your wifi and click ok

After these settings you will need to restart you Jio dongle.

myjio login

Steps To Upload Data to Jio Fi Dongle Device

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Jio Dongle is the perfect device when people don’t own the 4G device and if they want high-speed internet access. With the help of this device, the user can connect multiple devices at the same time across the world. Since this is the portable device, people can use it no matter wherever they are for example even when they are traveling, they can make use of this device and can get the high-speed internet connectivity.

page http:// jiodongle.local.html

In case if the user wants to upload the data to Jio dongle device, or to download the data from Jio dongle, they can visit the official website of Jio dongle. Or else they can follow the below-given steps to successfully complete the process of updating data to the device. This way helps the user to let know the detailed information in the step by step manner in order to precede the task in the best way.

http:// JioDongle.Local.Html admin

How to upload data to Jio Fi Dongle device

  1. Firstly, the user need to Log-in to the page http:// jiodongle.local.html
  2. then in the respective fields, the user need to enter username and password as “administrator”
  3. then “Click on Wi-Fi Disk”
  4. Click Upload
  5. Select type of application for data upload
  6. Select particular document that user want to upload to the device
  7. then click on the start button
  8. after some time, the user will be prompted as an Ok message
  9. this “OK” message indicates that user successfully completed the uploading the document to the External SD card

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With the above-given steps, almost any type of data can be uploaded to the Jio Fi Dongle device. But before starting the updating process, the user must ensure that they have enough space in the External micro SD card in order to avoid the interruptions. If the user still has any queries regarding the upload of data to the Jio Dongle device, the user can visit the official portal and clear their queries or else user can ask doubts by calling customer support team.

Steps to download data from JioFi dongal device

Are you using the JioFi dongal device for fast internet services? Do you like to know about the data usage of your JioFi Dongal device connection? Are you facing trouble with finding the remaining data balance on JioFi number? Reliance Jio is the 4G voltage and does not have 2G /3G fall back up top to India. However, the support for can make the voice calls directly on Jio network features.  In this network needs to get the usage of the myjio app to check remaining data balance, usage statements, validity


  • First of all, make you sure connected the JioFi WiFi network on your android smartphone.
  • Then, http:// JioDongle.Local.Html clicks the Download and install Jio4G Voice app from Google PlayStore here.
  • However, the application to register the configuration process and using the Jio4G Voice app with your smartphone Jio sim and need to select your smartphone Jio to router on the sim card.
  • Of course, you may require to enter OTP received on your alternate number of taking the JioFi connection
  • In fact, this may require few retries as OTP for JioFi sim doesn’t come easily. You may try to get OTP at off-peak hours.
  • They once you complete the JioFi registration of http:// JioDongle.Local.Html
  • You’ll be able to use Jio4G Voice to make or receive voice/video calls and SMS via JioFi sim connection. It is automatically disconnected and SMS as well as complete details of remaining data for the day.
  • Moreover, you can also download and installation process and register on the app using the email address and login to directly on Jio website online and other WiFi to check your usage.


  • First of fall, Launch your browser and access to address is 168.1.1.
  • Now click the http:// JioDongle.Local.Html link as possible
  • Login to your JioFi and enter the username and password contain the administrator is not changed.
  • Next, click the linking tab and reads to WAN Information.
  • Moreover, you should find the download and upload data must be under Total Data Used in DL and total data used in UL

MAC Address for JioFi Dongle device

About JioFi Dongle Device:

This device is a portable wireless device which allows a lot more users to access and connect with Jio 4G internet connections. The user can keep this device in a pocket while traveling and can also provide a hotspot to phone, laptop and some other devices.

Points to note down while connection JioFi with some other device:

These steps allow the user to connect with JioFi Dongle device to experience 4G internet connection.

  • Initially turn on the WiFi connection and then look after the device which you want to connect shows this WiFi signal in the list. Just click on the appropriate wireless name and provide the security password to make the connection.
  • After that visit to the http:// JioDongle.Local.Html to load with setup page this page enable you to visit the installed browser.
  • In that page look for the login button which is located at the topmost right side of the page. After clicking the login enter the narrowed User ID and Password.
  • By doing this step the device will get connect with the hotpot of JioFi Dongle device

Options to change:

my jio account login

The main objective to do this method is to make the MAC address to perform filter in JioFi Dongle Device

Step 1:

First of all, don’t forget to alter the WiFi connection settings in your respected device which you need to connect.

Step 2:

Then try to change the security password which you have given already

Step 3:

After that change the existing SSID name on the device

Step 4:

Importantly choose any of the security measurement types such as WPA2-PSK, WPA, Open

Step 5:

Now look for the alteration of the encryption type and channel mode

Step 6:

At last, hit the Apply button to make the changes to fix in the settings. From now your device will be accessed the way you changed on the settings also check http:// JioDongle.Local.Html

The reason to apply this change is to have user management in the JioFi Dongle device wireless connection.

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